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Hello and welcome dear readers!

We had lots of questions about our financial instruments, today we want to share a clarification with you. By the way, we are answering your other question which is what is our future plan. So take your coffee put on reading glasses and lay back.

At the table, we explained it step by step. Let’s start with step 1;

Commissions: Commissions are very simple actually. You make a transaction with BTCBAM and we earn just a little bit of commission from the transactions. With these commission fees, we save for future budgets and for other exchanges platforms.

BTCBAM will now continue on its way as a crypto asset of a large regional ecosystem. Turkey, which has very strong relations with both Asia and Europe due to its location, continues its trade with these regions in a strong way. Btcbam coin will be used as a payment tool in many areas from universities to municipal services, while it will be used as a reliable payment tool for international commercial activities. The detailed information about the ecosystem of the BTCBAM integrated module is here….


visit the link here for more information about our strategy.

Fees: Fees, from trades and gas in decentralized exchange in BAMchain. As you already know we are set to start our newest project BAMchain.

BAMchain’s first focus is to facilitate fast, decentralized trading. However the chain doesn’t have much flexibility — smart contracts in a system optimized for fast trading could significantly congest the network.

Also, we have to say; we can not see any reason why you should not create your own token via BRC20 on BAMchain.

Debit Cards: We are in the progress of creating a BTCBAM debit card. Thanks to our partner CoinPayments you can use the card anywhere you like. With this card, you can shop online, grab a coffee from the contracted businesses, or even enjoy your vacations. No need to pay in cash or any other traditional payment method. Are you not bored from just investing? Have fun with our features. BTCBAM CARD coming soon!

E-Commerce Profits: technical gadgets are a must nowadays. from hard disks to headsets. You can see that any product you search for is only one click away. BTCBAM Store is accepting BTCBAM coin, which has been accepted to the Coinpayments platform, an online shopping site in a way that will turn the customers’ use of crypto money in their shopping into an opportunity. The agreement was made with the platform’s online shopping infrastructures such as Shopify and Woocommerce and etc. Gives cryptocurrencies a great opportunity of being used in markets.

Last but not least NFT, Private Tokens and Listing in a DEX

Even in the earliest stages of development, decentralized crypto exchanges offer advantages that impact digital asset custody and diversity, transactional trust, trading fees, and investor privacy.

  • Custody: DEXs are non-custodial, which means traders don’t need to relinquish the control of private keys to transact. Instead, externally held wallets interact with DEXs, and trades self-execute through smart contracts. Centralized exchanges, by contrast, play the role of custodian for your funds by controlling your private keys. This requires you to relinquish control of your private keys, but centralized exchanges offer trust and security.
  • Diversity: In October 2020, there were over 7,400 cryptocurrencies on the market. CEXs exercise control over the cryptocurrencies they will list, and will generally only list those with adequate trading activity, prevalence, and effective security standards to ensure profitability and legal compliance. Many altcoins are only accessible through DEXs, where P2P transactions can occur without high trading volumes. This provides a wider opportunity for engagement in digital assets and enhances financial inclusion.
  • Trustless Transactions: On CEXs, every transaction is overseen and recorded by a central authority, the exchange itself. Through smart contracts, DEXs execute trades and record them to the blockchain, enabling trustless transactions. And since DEXs do not hold your funds, they are less likely to be targeted by hackers.
  • Lower Fees: Decentralized exchanges function through the use of self-executing smart contracts. In the absence of an intermediary, DEXs use the same “gas” fee structure as the Ethereum blockchain they’re built on. DEXs charge a low fee, around 0.3% for exchanges like Uniswap. Although these fees fluctuate in response to the network utilization, they remain far lower than the costs incurred on centralized alternatives.
  • Privacy: Traders using decentralized exchanges don’t need to disclose their private keys because wallets are held externally, and the DEX is not liable for the funds. For the same reason, users aren’t typically required to complete KYC and AML procedures when using DEXs. While this may be advantageous in regards to convenience, it is potentially problematic from a legal perspective.

So set start your token project with the benefits of BRC20 in BAMChain.

In our NFT projects, we can not reveal a secret but we will tell you this it will blow your mind!



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BTCBAM Official

BtcBam is a Vienna-based cryptocurrency mining company managed by entrepreneurs and professionals.